Where to Start

“What Katie was able to accomplish within the first hour of meeting was what I had spent countless hours trying to achieve by myself.  She found the right materials and created a look that met our family’s project requirements… She’s professional, experienced and a miracle worker! “ …read more

Embarking upon a remodel or a new build is akin to starting a relationship or a new job…

It’s thrilling and there are a lot of unknowns. Even if you have a design in mind, translating your vision into actionable design instructions for a contractor with all considerations in place to ensure material delivery, installation and finished results is a difficult task. Design expertise upfront can assist you to match aesthetics, material types, select functional appropriate options for the structure, color palette and the environment that you want to create with your budget in mind.

Define Your Project Plan

Designing your interior and exterior space begins with a concept, setting expectations, and knowing your options.

  • Explore and determine a style direction. ie. Modern, Classic, Traditional, Retro, Rustic, Zen, French Country, etc…
  •  Set a budget including labor and material costs with contingencies
  • Identify a target project timeline. (When do you want the project completed?)
  • Clarify how decisions will be made. Are you signing off on the project or do you have a spouse or other parties involved that have a vote. Organize your team to collaborate and be effective.
  • Mitigate mistakes or jeopardies by defining trade-offs upfront.

Avoid Project Challenges

Projects typically run into trouble over a few critical areas:

  • Lack of organization
  • Time needed to research, shop and manage options and materials for the job
  • Materials delayed, defective or wrong
  • Missed timelines
  • Family Discord
  • Missed or unrealistic expectations
  • Cost Overages

Projects by nature will have issues or problems that require decisions. Your approach to a project and your ability to make timely and clear decisions will make or break your project. On average homeowners who fall into the ‘trouble areas’ spend 20-30% over their original budget estimate and their project timelines lag or remain incomplete.

Leveraging design expertise for your project is more then sketching an attractive design. It is about identifying the right aesthetics, material types, functional and/or structural specifications that match your ideal style. This saves you time and money.

Once you have a design concept, shopping for the elements can be either exciting or overwhelming. With our existing relationships, product knowledge and local San Francisco Bay area connections we can take the angst out of the process and help you find the right items for your project within your budget parameters.

The transformation of a space into something of beauty and functionality is inspiring. Let us help you find the right balance for your space, facilitate the process and details so that you can be more than satisfied with the overall project, and enjoy living with the results.

Contact Katie for more information or to find the plan that best suits your project needs.