Cape Cod Complete Remodel

GrayTileThis “down to the studs” complete remodel was a blend of styles. A Cape Cod exterior contrasted with an interior with a modern style and a touch of mediterranean. Gray on white, smooth surfaces and luxury finishes cast an elegant, light atmosphere into the feeling of the home.  by Katie Parks

Client: Jill Lebsock, Mill Valley, CA

Like most people, I thought I would have to hire an Interior Designer or a Design Build firm to help with our family’s remodel so I went about the task of designing and sourcing our project needs by myself. I quickly learned that I was spending a lot of unnecessary hours shopping around and the showrooms that I had been to, it was clear the sales people did not have the same interest or time to spend with me as I had expected. I was at a loss until a friend referred me to Katie and I am so glad my friend did! What Katie was able to accomplish within the first hour of meeting was what I had spent countless hours trying to achieve by myself. She found the right materials and created a look that met our family’s project requirements, room by room, saving me and my husband money and endless weekends of trying to piece it all together. She was magnificent in taking all my “must have” design requirements and creating an overall design concept that met our color palette, aesthetic, time-line and budget. If I had to place a number on our savings by hiring Katie I would say she easily saved us on the upwards of a couple thousand dollars simply by addressing our needs, cutting down substantially our time spent doing it ourselves and minimized any potential risk of ordering the wrong materials. If you’re doing a remodel I highly recommend her for all your tile and stone design needs. She’s professional, experienced and a miracle worker!  Jill Lebsock , Mill Valley, CA

 San Francisco Victorian – Master Bath

PurpleGlassWe rescued this “painted lady Victorian” which had been neglected over the years, so it was wonderful to see her come back to life. We honored the original footprint and refurbished it using fixtures and fittings appropriate to the Victorian period – wainscoting, cast iron bathtub, subway tiles, etc. By adding a few modern touches, we made it more livable and current.  by Katie Parks

Client: Cheryl Kovalchik, San Francisco, CA

Katie is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her infectious energy and passion for design makes the whole process a positive experience. Katie was able to transform my bath into a beautiful modern space while still remaining true to the home’s original era. I would absolutely recommend her! Thank you so much, Katie. Cheryl Kovalchik , San Francisco, CA

Healing Spa Bath

GlassTileMy clients live in beautiful Mill Valley surrounded by lots of green trees. With hectic schedules and young children they wanted to create an oasis for themselves, something that represented their love of the outdoors, so clearly that meant bringing the outside in.

River rocks are the main focus here as they offer a rich, organic feel.  With so many colors to choose from, it wasn’t long before we found the right ones and everything else fell into place. by Katie Parks

Client: Adrian and Kristen Carvalho, Mill Valley, CA

My wife and I decided to remodel our master bath. We both have no design experience and didn’t want to spend a ton of money hiring an expensive designer. Our contractor referred us to Katie and I can’t say enough great things about our experience. My wife and I fell in love with a tile and Katie within an hour came up with an amazing design idea for our bathroom. Her vision and ability to communicate her ideas to a couple of novices was superb. I’d highly recommend Katie for design ideas. Adrian and Kristen Carvalho, Mill Valley, CA

Sausalito Contemporary Complete Remodel

GlazedPorcelainTileMcConnell’s did a complete remodel for a dark shingled house sitting up high (like a tree house) in the Sausalito hills over looking the bay and San Francisco… Sand meets water. So California… But this part of Sausalito is known for gray fog. So we created a light contemporary interior space a lot of creams and light colored stone for an airy spa-like feel. The lightness creates an uplifting mood. by Katie Parks

Client: Steve & Cynthia McConnell, Sausalito, CA

Dear Katie, I just want to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you! Not only were you an absolute joy to work with, taking what can so easily be a tedious aspect of a remodel, but made the entire process fun and easy. Most of all you were thorough, complete and professional. The job details were completed timely and better than expected. I look forward to working with you again will gladly recommend you to friends. Steve & Cynthia McConnell, Sausalito, CA