Katie Parks

Design Philosophy

We design solutions to positively transform spaces with tile and stone. We never have a specific design in mind. Every project is a reflection of the client.

We believe design expertise applied to a remodel or new construction project shortens a projects timeline, saves wasted effort, and keeps one on budget. Not to mention when there is a design plan upfront, the results are not only aesthetic but functionally appropriate for the structure, color palette and environment. A job well done meets the client’s style preferences, needs, budget and ideals. Our goal is to translate your vision into a design plan and fulfillment process that removes the headaches and the unknowns of doing it on your own.


Katie Parks was first introduced to design through her parent’s extensive remodel of their 1904 Victorian home on Lake Washington, WA. Inspired, Katie entered Washington State University and studied art history and interior design. After several trips abroad and a move to California in 2001, Katie’s focus shifted to a specific interest and appreciation of tile and stone and its significance to the design of interior and exterior spaces. As a natural progression, her clients started asking for re-design and color consultations, too.

Matching people with what they love

Katie’s gift is to define aesthetic and functional personal spaces through Tile & Stone and match people to what they love. Alongside residential design, Katie previously had the rare and unique opportunity to work with individuals as a Matchmaker for a prominent global matchmaking firm.  She was designing people’s love lives and learning valuable communication tools – how to ask the right questions to help her Clients to honestly distinguish what they want from what they think they want.


Professional design experience includes working in the residential remodel industry with prestigious luxury tile companies and the design trade community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specialization in Tile & Stone for Kitchen and Bath Design often leads to projects that extend above and beyond to include full remodels, design and space planning needs.

Katie’s knowledge of products and project management ensures the Client has access to a wide range of materials and industry connections to bring their projects to completion. With Katie’s collaborative and consultative experience with General Contractors, Tile Contractors, Plumbers and Architects, you can be assured you will achieve your project design goals and your vision will be realized.

Contact Katie for more information or to find the plan that best suits your project needs.

  • Design Concepts

    Guiding clients to identify their aesthetic style.

  • Space Planning

    Maximizing functionality in small spaces. Creating dedicated living areas in large open spaces.

  • Collaboration

    Directing clients focus towards success with development of ideas through Elevation and Perspective Drawings.

  • Interior Redesign

    Utilizing what you have already to freshen up your environment!

  • Relationships

    Trusted Client relations and well-established Vendor and Trade relations.

  • Colors

    Designing a cohesive color plan by choosing paint colors, fabrics or rugs.